Dust Filled Lungs & Grassroots Rallying

I love entry-level motorsport, but we all know, watching the same bone-stock 1990s Honda Civics wheeze around the Motorplex can become a little tedious after a while. This is where my love for grassroots rally comes into play. Events like the Volksmuller Rallysprint are relatively unrestricted and spectator-friendly so there’s always an opportunity to catch the very best of the action.

This year’s Volksmuller Rallysprint at Sydney Dragway consisted of a 2.5km stage with a complete off road surface from start to finish. Approximately 30% of it started out as grass, but was quickly shredded to dirt after the first passes of cars. This years course opted to completely avoid using tarmac roads giving spectators and fans some fantastic sideways dirt action.

TGJ Gravel Rally-39.jpg
TGJ Gravel Rally-22.jpg

To enter the rallysprint, you didn’t require cars to be road registered or even hold a driver’s license, encouraging competitors as young as 14 years old to enter. The mix of cars was brilliant. Everything from basic $300 Gumtree bangers to stripped & caged rally monsters, with every skill-level of pilot on the run sheet.

TGJ Gravel Rally-29.jpg
TGJ Gravel Rally-27.jpg

The feeling of walking through an open pit area seeing and hearing everything drivers and teams are doing to their cars is something you're not likely to see from any other motorsport, particular as a general spectator to a free entry event.

Racing was split into two sessions. The morning session, each driver had 3 runs at the course with their best two times counting. Afternoon session was run in the same format but with a reversed track layout. During the lunch break I strolled through the pits to take on the sites of local rally and get to know the cars and some of their drivers.

TGJ Gravel Rally-65.jpg
TGJ Gravel Rally-54.jpg

I couldn’t help but notice a number of unconventional “Rally cars” but whatever floats your boat or steers your SV6 Commodore.

As the sun wound down and the dust continued to fill our lungs we discovered the second stage ended in a crest to jump so of course that’s where we went. With up close action like this It's not hard to love grassroots rally. Whether its hanging out with the crews in the pits, or snapping a shot of a 90s Holden Commodore mid flight, I strongly advise you get out to your local rally events and get covered in dirt and fill your lungs with dust.

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