The Lolvo; What happens when the history teacher wants to send it.


With a marketing slogan like “Step Up Your Game” serving as propaganda for Australia’s only 1,000m VMAX event, it tends to bring out some serious street cars. Racewars played host to some insane builds from 1,400HP Supra’s to Barra swapped F-Trucks, but none captured the “Step Up Your Game” marketing campaign quite like this humble Volvo. Perhaps humble Volvo isn’t the right term, because it looks like something the Swedish spin-off of Madmax would drive.


What was once a 240-series coupe, is now a speed machine with ratty NASCAR-esque aero and enough patina to send any hipster into a coma. But more importantly this Swedish saloon has disposed of the old B-Series dinosaur and its place sits an LS forced-fed with a turbo bigger than what people would consider “enough”.

Sporting a fat set of rear tyres, a cage and bare metal interior, this “LOLVO” is a long stretch from its origins. Whilst we missed what the Lolvo achieved over the weekend, we have no doubt that the Lolvo raised the bar for the turbo brick.

If the caretaker of this animal sees this, we want more Lolvo.