Words & Photos: Patrick Stirling

_DSF5718 2.jpg

Japanese Tuning House Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) are renowned for their motorsport-inspired widebody kits which leave fans wide-eyed and purists clutching at their heartstrings. Each kit is designed to be unique for each application, although each are respectively handmade in their own right, they all produce their own take on instantly recognisable silhouette that continues to grow their cult following the world over. No matter how many sparks shower Nakai-san’s face as he hacks into the freshly painted sheet metal, the end results are always breathtaking. 

So when the news broke that Nakai-san would once again return to Australia’s West End to join forces with KTEC Autohaus, the internet was seemingly at boiling point for months on end. For those that are unfamiliar with RWB or KTEC, check out our coverage from last year’s double build adventure. But for the rest of this feature, please understand both KTEC and RWB are masters of their respective crafts. 


The blueprint for the weekend was simple; build two cars in three days. One car a backdate cruiser and the other; a balls out racer getting built for the invite-only Idlers series in Japan. We will revisit the backdate with a feature of its own, so for now let's focus on the Race Car. 

Much like KTEC’s own ‘Wallys Jeans’ inspired RWB named ‘Osho’, this latest RWB build has motorsport and outright speed at the forefront of its mind. Instead of the naturally aspirated Motec ITB-fed 3.9L big block power unit found in Osho, the COAST CYCLES car has a twin turbo system bolted on at the very rear of the flat six. Featuring the unmistakable sight of its two turbos protruding like an oversized pair of balls hanging out in the wind from the exposed rear end.


The engine itself is a 3.4L flat six, producing over 500hp thanks to its custom intercooler, Autronic engine management system and a healthy dose of E85. Power is sent to the ground via a six speed manual gearbox, rear wheel drive and 13”-wide Dunlop Racing Slicks, which will no doubt be fighting the 11” fronts for directional control from the kerb weight which barely scrapes past 1000kg.

The 1975 Porsche 911 chassis was prepared by KTEC with a ground up rebuild and a slew of additional racing modifications including a custom roll cage built ‘in-haus’, adjustable Koni coilovers and a set of 996 Cup Car 6-pot racing brakes, just to name a few. Probably the coolest functional element of them all is the set of bespoke GEP Performance Turbo Fans, of which the Director flew them through the night all the way from Germany just to present and fit them, before getting back on a plane returning home that day. Commitment.


The interior of the car follows suit with the minimalist race-focused setup. Sporting a single Sparco bucket seat wrapped with a five point Schroth Racing Harness, quick-release steering wheel and enough RWB styled gauges to report back important vitals on the car. It is a cabin that's sparse in the way of creature comforts. Its sharp, straight to the point and ready to rub shoulders on track. 


To complete such an imposing package, the RWB is finished in a COAST CYCLES x KTEC X RWB livery. From it’s life after birth in Perth, Australia, it will be shipped off to race in the Idlers Series in Japan, the Motegi & Tsukuba Sprint Rounds AND the 12hr Endurance Race in July next year. It is not a garage queen, this car is built with purpose and passion and just being in its presence, this is clear to see.