29 Reasons Why I Love the Pitlane


On track is where legends are made, but the pitlane is where the passion of motorsport thrives. I've been lucky enough to witness some fantastic motorsport events, however I have never felt more immersed in the action than my weekend spent in the pitlane for the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Perth SuperSprint. For many this series has been the staple of Australian Motorsport with great battles between Holden & Ford.

Thanks to the team at WASCC, The Garage Journal was given all access to the pit lane to get amongst and document the action. There weren’t any NASCAR style punch ups, or record breaking tyre changes like the Formula 1, but what the VASC pit lane provides is endless amounts of passion for the sport. Talking to crew members, drivers, engineers or even junior technicians, every soul in this sport is in it to win it, and the comradery and mate ship is evident in every team. The hours flew by and the highlights of my weekend were the minutes spent talking to teams and being apart of the action.

Here are 29 photos why I think the pit lane is petrolhead heaven.