Lamborghini Hits New Record


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Last month, we interviewed and published a piece with the new Asia-Pacific CEO of Lamborghini, Matteo Ortenzi. He had some pretty lofty ambitions for the remainder of 2019 and some big ideas on how he planned to shape the footprint of the company, particularly in his Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Most of those goals hinged on the success of their new Supercar-come-SUV, the Urus. 

Managing Director of Lamborghini Perth, Alf Barbagallo with Lamborghini Asia Pacific CEO, Matteo Ortenzi.jpg
Lamborghini Perth Showroom Grand Opening - Customer session_2.jpg

Over the years, we’ve been openly critical of the motoring industry’s focus shift from traditional passenger cars to the compact SUV space. On paper, it’s hard to justify how a high-riding soft-roading box could ever be as good as an oldschool estate car or wagon. Dynamically, they should be flawed; but towering beasts like the Urus, Stelvio and F-Pace have each received glowing reviews from the world’s automotive press, which to many has been a complete surprise. These tuned performance SUVs have shown themselves to be just as capable as their car-based counterparts, proving to the world that SUVs can be a thrilling experience to drive, and something you can even enjoy with the whole family riding along with you. The sales figures across the industry are supporting this too. 

Crossover SUVs are here to stay and if you weren’t convinced enough, Lamborghini’s recent report to end the Financial Year confirms their goals were not pipe dreams. In the first six months on 2019, Lamborghini have delivered 4,553 vehicles to customers, a 96% increase over the same period last year and more than the total sales figures for the whole of 2017. 


The Urus alone has been responsible for more than half the sales figures for the year so far, totting up 2,693 deliveries for 2019. Sales in the APAC region have doubled in the past 12 months, again, down to the continuing success of the Urus.

These are blindingly impressive figures from one of the world’s foremost heritage supercar manufacturers, proving that if you build a good car; regardless of any preconceived ideology, people will buy it. It’s a result that will cement the Urus’ format and engage competitors to have a slice of the pie. (We’re looking at you Ferrari…).


It’s also worth mentioning, the Aventador, one of the few remaining V12 mid-engined supercars has resulted in a healthy 649 deliveries, showing there’s still life in the rip-snorting hyberbeasts of old.

People may have scoffed when Lamborghini announced their plans to enter the super-SUV space, but clearly their unprecedented success on the back of the new Urus is nothing to laugh about. We look forward to getting hands on and road-testing the new Urus soon. One of the few new cars on the market whose reputation truly precedes it.