Italian Car Day


With the turn of Spring comes another successful Italian Car Day. Perhaps I am sitting on the bias side of the fence, but with every year, the Italian Car Day continues to deliver a great event with Italian charm and charisma and a diverse display of anything from town cars to supercars. It perfectly sums up why Italians do it better.


Before I dive in it is worth noting that my coverage of the event below is far from serving it justice. Unfortunately my old nemesis of Fujifilm battery life halted my coverage within 30 minutes. The images below are brief look at what a great day it was.


Every year fine examples from brands like Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Piaggio, Ducati, MV Agusta, Moto Guzzi and so many more are put on display, giving spectators and entrants a taste of what it was like to drive the Italian Riveria in the 60s.

There is a great mix of old and new and on occasion a handful of British classics. Whilst not technically Italian it all adds to the period correct feel of the event seeing a road racing Giulia Super next to a lightweight Jag E-Type. One can only imagine the fun these two great marques once shared on the track. November in Perth failed to disappoint with its sunny skies and was made even just a touch more romantic with a man playing the piano accordion in the background.


I had no absolute favourite vehicle from the event, however I found myself walking straight past a Ferrari 812 Superfast to drool over a freshly resprayed Alfa Romeo Montreal. And that’s kind of why I love Italian Car Day, you never know what to expect.