GT3 - Porsche Pornography


Now being the huge Porsche fanboy that I am, being asked if I wanted to assist in shooting a GT3 was a no-brainer. The details were thin, but I was told to be at Diamond Detailing Perth in Wangara for 6:30pm sharp.

As Paul opened the roller door to his shop, I was stopped dead in my tracks. There sat, in the middle of his workshop was Germany’s latest and greatest offering in the form of a 2018 Brewster Green Porsche GT3. A mythical beast said to be the only one in the country.

Diamond Detailing Perth is one of Australia’s best detailers in the industry. Not only has he got the world's shortest shorts, but also has an insane attention to detail. But where Paul really specialises is in the field of Paint Protection. Detailing is only half of his business, being a Gyeon distributor, Diamond Detailing Perth offer a huge range of packages to restore and protect your ride. Something highly recommended if you’ve just bought a new set of wheels out of Porsche’s Pornography range.


When we arrived for the photoshoot, Paul was finishing off the finer details. While this wasn't the usual road-bound rolling photoshoot, the car still looked like it was going a million miles an hour parked in the studio.


Porsche’s design language hasn't changed too much over the years. Similarities can still be seen from the first 911s and for me, that heritage is what makes a Porsche a Porsche. With the GT3, Under the skin is where the real differences lie. The 4.0 ‘Flacht 6’ is borrowed from the previous model GT3 RS and comes off the factory floor with a spleen-dislodging 500hp.

Married to the same six speed manual transmission from the purist’s erection special; the 911R, this 4.0L boxer will rocket its brave pilot from 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds and will carry on to 320km/h. Maybe the 200MPH club is in sight if you got a decent run with a bit of a tailwind.


For the 991.2, Porsche has added a whole bunch of Aerodynamic upgrades and styling tweaks to bring it into 2018. This includes a full fit out of brand-new LED high-output lights, including a halo park light on the front and around the back there’s a sizeable carbon fibre rear wing in homage to the GT3’s track focused heritage. An upgraded front splitter and rear diffuser complete the look and add the benefits of an all-new Aerodynamic package.


Sitting inside the car, you are met with a sea of leather, alcantara and perfect stainless steel switchgear which feels as if it has been milled from a single billet. The Analogue gauges flaunt a redline in the region of 9000rpm with a crisp digital display nestled in the centre. The cockpit brings a fantastic mix of old school charm and new age technology.


Personally, I think the GT3 is the ultimate mix of performance, styling and comfort. Pricing is around the $400,000 mark here in Australia, but I think for the lucky few, a 991.2 GT3 could be the very best Grand Touring sports car.

We hope we get to see this thing on the road soon. If you're interested to know more about Diamond Detailing Perth, click the link below.