Bring the Bash

Bring the Bash made Port Macquarie Kart Club home last month with their third annual bash, and looking back, I don't think any fan of drifting could have asked for a better weekend.

For the uninitiated, drifting is a style of driving where the pilot intentionally initiates an oversteer slide while maintaining control of the vehicle as it is guided around a corner. In competitive drift racing events, this control is measured by the driver’s level of accuracy, being able to get as close as possible to clipping points, or ‘tandem drift’ alongside other cars and fluidly transition from corner to corner in an unbroken oversteer slide. It’s an impressively visual sport, with endless combinations of cars, engines and modifications offering unlimited variety and action.

BTB 3- TGJ-9.jpg

Port Macquarie Kart Club hosts a gorgeous Togue inspired circuit, with approx 10 turns spanning over 1.2km of pristine asphalt. This event was essentially an all-day freestyle expression session, rather than a traditional technical drift event, promising more drive time than the tyres in the back of your van could handle.

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The drivers certainly didn’t seem fazed as they enjoyed the variety of twists and turns. Longer open corners transitioned into tight hairpins making for a challenging drive, with the tandem challenges certainly separating the boys from the men.

BTB 3- TGJ-61.jpg
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Drifting found its roots in the hills of Japan, and that heritage is clearly evident today with most cars on track hailing from the motherland, Nissan Silvias, Skylines and 86s among other Japanese icons and the occasional lumbering Aussie V8. That being said, I was surprised with the amount of turbo four and six cylinder cars from Europe, which made a pleasant change for the sport that has really taken a hold on the “LS the world” movement.

BTB 3- TGJ-23.jpg

Later that night Cursed Sundays announced their award winners, as voted online by the community.

  • Biggest ego AKA the best driver - Kyle Sheather
  • Best looking - Stephen Bamford
  • Biggest baker - Tim Johnson
  • Best entries - 137 Jye Van Nahh
  • Best chase car - Brent Massey
  • Best team - Gravy Garage
  • First broken - Dylan Simpson
  • Most spins - Jon Hill
BTB 3- TGJ-3.jpg

Due to the mammoth logistical effort faced by event organiser ‘Chev’ from Cursed Sundays Drift Club, Bring The Bash remains an annual event, but if there’s one thing I will be asking Santa for this year it will definitely be at least one other Bash every year.

Full gallery below.