2019 BMW X5 Leaked

2019-bmw-x5 (2).jpg

It seems some of our Russian friends have got their communist paws on some teaser imagery of what appears to be a prototype version of the 2019 BMW X5. It’s rumoured to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October and although we’ve not exactly been crying out for an upgrade of the current generation F15, it has been around since 2013, so the next-gen model was an eventual inevitability.

2019-bmw-x5 (4).jpg

The photos don’t show too much, but with a revised design of the outgoing shape, BMW seems to have stripped a lot visual bulk out of the platform, reportedly dropping the kerb weight by around 60 kg despite some tech and 4WD upgrades.

2019-bmw-x5 (5).jpg

Without a doubt it’ll still feel like a full-size SUV, able to haul up to seven occupants, but the revisions to the design language have helped mask some of its bulk, particularly by enlarging the glass-house cockpit and dropping the ‘shoulder-line’ of the window base to below the bottom of the windscreen. Although the nose-cone has somehow got even bigger, the package remains somewhat refined and pleasant. 20” M-Sport wheels suit the proportions perfectly, and offer a welcome distraction away from that piggy grille.

2019-bmw-x5 (7).jpg

Around the back, there’s a little too much mascara on the tail-light assembly when up against the bright white of this prototype. I’d imagine, on the final road-cars, particularly in black with the signature M-Sport trim, it’ll look a bit more of a handsome brute. My only hope is they maintain the Turbo-V8 line for the next-gen, as seen in the current X5M lineup. With the latest M-cars featuring downsized capacities with bigger turbos, chance will be a fine thing, but we can still hope. Keep a keen eye on BMW over the coming weeks, with test cars out in the wild, it’s almost a certainty that more will be spotted ahead of the official launch towards the end of the year.

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