Antilag Supercruise #20


Somewhere located in Australia’s South West lies a small slice of paradise for those addicted to speed.  Collie Motorplex is home to many a great racing series for WA, but every two months it hosts the ‘Antilag Supercruise,’ a self-timed, run-what-you-brung racing event. No CAMS license, no over the top red tape, just you, your ride and one of Australia’s tightest circuits, hidden in the depths of Collie national park.


The format for the event is simple. $130 dollerydoos, BYO Helmet, make sure you’re not wearing thongs, and you’re off. Each set consists of a group of five cars running four hot laps. Whether it’s to tune your newly built weapon and best each lap after a tickle in the paddock, or simply get out and have some fun, these track days provide car enthusiasts with a safe, supportive environment to exercise their passion and practice techniques to improve their driving prowess.


On a normal Supercruise event, it is non stop action of back-to-back laps, cars limiter bashing every lap only to take a quick break in the designated burnout pad, or dropping some powerskids in the afternoon freestyle hour, where hot laps are pulled back and you’re giving the opportunity to go head to head against your mates up and down the main straight.

This weekend however was a very different story, with Perth’s winter weather finally arriving, the Collie Motorplex was almost renamed the Collie Estuary. Those who braved the forecast rocked up ready to be greeted by only half the 50-car entry list. With a smaller contributing field it meant the action was fast paced and non-stop all day. Once a session completed, it was only a few minutes before drivers were backout on the track again, trying to master the limited grip of a saturated circuit.


So what makes this event so good?

Let’s start with the track itself. Collie is a very tight little circuit, it is about as far from Silverstone or Spa as things get, which means almost anyone can be fast around it. It isn’t designed with long straights, it is a circuit with tight chicanes, sharp switchbacks and elevation changes to make cornering that little bit more technical. It is a track that can be greatly underestimated if you’re not properly focusing, as proven by a few drivers who got caught out early in the day. By the time you’re on the power, you already need to be thinking about the next breaking zone and the down changes required.


Where tracks like Barbagallo are power circuits and see the horsepower high touring cars rip past just about everything, almost any car can be quick at Collie, as proven by the range of cars entering into the fastest group of the day. A twin-turbo V8 R33 Skyline track car, racing against a Mini JCW and a pack of Mitsubishi Evos, each holding their own as they shone on different parts of the circuit. The outright grunt of the R33 meant it would scream away from the pack on the straights but would be quickly caught up by the Mini taking the tight corners as easily as a housefly. From hot hatchbacks to fully-prepped race cars, Collie is great track for just about anything.


The main reason these events are great is the Passion of everyone involved. The enthusiasm and dedication that goes into the builds, let alone the driving, is why grassroots motorsport events like this need to be properly advertised to the community. It encourages people to get involved, giving them a safe space to learn car control, technical driving, mechanics and maintenance. Bring your partner, your mum, your dad, whoever. The Supercruise is a fantastic event for experiencing accessible motorsport and the purest of car culture.

Thanks to the Antilag Team.