RWB in Action: Catching up with Osho by KTEC Autohaus


It’s the first time we’ve seen an RWB truly driven in anger. As awesome as it would be to watch a fleet of Nakai-San’s creations whip around Motegi at the Idlers 12-Hour, Japan isn’t the most easily accessible place. So for now, Perth Motorplex set upon the stunning backdrop of the Kwinana’s BP Oil Refinery will have to do; and giving credit where it is due, the Targa Boys sure know how to throw together a demanding little track.


The event was part of the Targa Rallysprints, basically the off-season shakedown before the headline closed-road Targa West and South West rally events in WA. It’s a five-round season, split over many months, offering teams and drivers a chance to test their cars, make tweaks to power and suspension and engage in some friendly competition with the timed point-to-point runs.


For the final round of the season, KTEC Autohaus, master builders of WA’s two RWB Porsches, brought down their trailer and a few mates to give KTEC’s owner, Brendan and his RWB racer named Osho a shakedown before some more serious racing kicks off over the rest of the year.


First thing’s first. It’s f**king LOUD. The ITB-fed 3.9L Big Block grumbles through a pair of straight pipes, every punch of the throttle resulting in an unearthly howl with over 400 naturally aspirated horsepowers itching to get moving.

Secondly, it looks like a complete handful to drive. Lots of power, lots of aero, and lots of grip. It would launch into a turn, produce a lick of lockup as the 6-Pots bite, the weight transfers and the power comes back on as it fires out the other end.


The car itself was originally Brendan’s 1976 3.0L, first built into a Targa West Racer before it’s rebirth into Osho, so the platform was already capable and race-bred.

For a full look at the RWB build, find our gallery and write up here.


Osho ran throughout the night flawlessly and finished 6th in class over the 3.25KM super special stage. Winner of the 2WD class was also part of the KTEC Family, with Blaise Paris’ 964 RSR bringing home four ultra-consistent runs for the victory.


Find out more about KTEC Autohaus here:

We look forward to seeing more from KTEC and their RWB monsters.