First Look - 2018 Bentley Continental GT

At the first Spring instalment of Classic Cars & Coffee hosted at UWA, we were treated to a surprise appearance from the upcoming replacement for the Bentley Continental GT.

The old Continental has been with us since 2003, where it redefined exactly what can be achieved with a modern Grand Tourer. Despite a swathe of updates and a major lifecycle refresh in 2011, the base of the GT remained largely the same throughout its life cycle, illustrating just how good of a platform it was, even from the base of 2003.


2018’s model is a ground-up reboot for the Continental name, utilising the latest technology and engineering techniques to create a world-class competitor for the likes of Mercedes-Benz with their AMG GT and Aston Martin with their DB11 V12.

The Continental will be a world-first, with superformed aluminium coachwork allowing sharper, more defined body lines without sacrificing the benefits of lightweight and tensile rigidity of aluminium construction.  

Under the long bonnet hides the all-new 6.0L Twin-Turbo W12 power plant producing in excess of 467KW and a weaponised tsunami of torque coming in at over 900NM. Expect blinding performance figures, even from a GT platform, with Bentley indicating a 0-100 sprint in under 3.7 seconds and a vmax cruising speed of over 333 KM/h, all from the comfort of a sleek and sublime cabin in typical Bentley fashion.


Pricing kicks off at around $422,000, with the usual Bentley options-list allowing customisation until your heart's content. The new Continental GT is available for viewing at Chellingworth Bentley Motors, with vehicles now available for pre-order and purchase.

We look forward to bringing you a full road-test and review soon.