Classics & Coffee - July

Words & Photos: Ash Westwood


I’m really starting to appreciate Cars & Coffee meets now that I own a ‘project’ car which I don’t drive on a particularly regular basis. It’s quite therapeutic to go through the little ritual of dragging a 22 year old car out of the garage, blowing the dust off of it, washing and polishing the quickly deteriorating paintwork within an inch of its life, all to get ready for a morning of burnt 98-octane, hot flat-whites and plenty of indulgent chatter with mates you haven’t seen for a few months.


So although it’s not strictly a classic, I took the E36 down to U.W.A for the July instalment of Classic Cars & Coffee. It was great opportunity to see the eclectic cross section of Perth’s car culture, with a wide variety of vehicles from Europe and the USA in particular.


It was good to see some familiar faces, and a few more modern ‘future classics’ receive their fair share of attention too. In particular an immaculate early 2000s Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, a V12-powered BMW 850ci, and of course, Billy’s S3-swapped MKII Golf, which we featured on GJ a few months ago.


As the coffee flowed and and the carpark reached its capacity, the winter sun began to shine and affirm the event was in full swing. The quality of cars present was remarkable, and the perfect celebration of a melting pot of enthusiasts from all walks of life.


Highlights included a race-prepped RSR Porsche, a brutal Shelby GT500 and a beautifully restored Mercedes-Benz W114 on 3-piece BBS wheels and airbag suspension, drawing a rather large crowd before a Lamborghini Aventador SV rolled in and made all of the nine-year olds explode.


Thanks to Paul, Deryck, Natalie and their team of volunteers for the fantastic show, we’ll see you all at the next meet in September.

Enjoy the full gallery below.