Street Machine & Hotrod Show


I think by 2018, Australia’s car culture has well and truly matured into a myriad of its own little subsects. You’ve got passing fads like ‘Stance Bros’ who stand next to Subarus in parking lots ‘Vaping’... whatever the hell that is. Racers do their own thing, they exploit the latest technology to modify their cars and improve their driving prowess in order to achieve the fastest lap times possible - it’s cool, but can be a bit difficult to get into if you don’t possess the driving skills of Fernando Alonso.


That brings me onto hot-rodding. It’s not your usual motley-crew collection of car enthusiasts. These are the guys who can take any car, any model that came off the dealership lot and turn it into something truly unique - most of the time out of their backyard shed. Aussie ingenuity, sky’s the limit thinking and a boat load of beers. Street Machines are much of the same; basically hot rods, from a slightly later era and more appropriate for ‘sleeper’ style hoonage and cruising. Still beautifully hand-built. Still devilishly brutal. That’s what brought me to cover this event.


I’ve been down to the Claremont Showgrounds annual Street Machine & Hotrod Show a number of times over the past few years, and without fail, the event seems to get bigger and better every year. For 2018, it was no exception, a shopping list of cars and builds that had been hidden away until completion, until their grand unveiling at Perth’s very own unique version of hotrodders SEMA.


For those of you that are unaware of this show. Like most great Aussie gatherings, it originated over 20 years ago on the front Verandah of a suburban house with a few mates, some beers and the desire to bring a bunch of Perth’s best Hotrodders together to create a quality indoor car show.


This year’s extravaganza was one of the biggest to date with over 220 cars and 40 bikes entering the show. Almost every facet of hot rods, hot rodding or street machining was there. From pristine condition Show Rods, to patina-packed VW’s, spark-throwing Mercedes-Benz, sublimely restored Aussie Classics, to wildly modified muscle cars. Even the carpark delivered an amazing array of special cars!

Enough of me carrying on. The pictures tell a better story of exactly why you must attend next year’s show.