Bring Them Back

Much like Hollywood, the motoring industry seems to be adopting the nostalgia/re-boot strategy bringing back some of the most famous names in the motoring world. Names like the Mustang, Charger, Mini, Fiat 500 & most recently announced the Toyota Supra.

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These hero cars carry a hefty weight behind them and can be viewed as commercially risky ventures.  Mainly due to the reputation and significance of these heroes bringing, but more often than not, the style of market segment is no longer being sold. We are currently neck deep in the age of platform sharing and SUVs. This change in market isn't slowing or stopping especially considering companies are now gearing up to make the paradigm shift into electric vehicles.

But with re-boots now being given the modern touch, what are some cars that should be bought back for old times sake?


The Nissan Silvia

This is the official staple vehicle for drifters everywhere. It is the vehicle recommended for beginners all the way up to the highly advanced pro-drivers in Formula D. Thanks to its well designed chassis, suspension, short wheel base and engine package, the scope for customization, performance upgrades and tuning is endless.

The drift community has adopted the Silvia range the same way that rallying adopted the WRX. It baffles me that Nissan haven’t re-energized their rather dull line up with a potential S16, especially considering the huge hype surrounding the soon to be released Toyota Supra. With such a niche motorsport sub-culture, Nissan could pull of the "Gymkhana/Focus RS" marketing ploy that made Ken Blocks hot hatch the hero that it is.

It is also worth noting that the market for affordable coupes/sports cars is limited with only the small cars like the MX-5, 124 Sport & GT86 having a nibble at the niche. If i were working at Nissan’s marketing department and the concept of an S16 was dropped on my desk, I’d be leaking that bad boy onto forums and drift pages to get the hype train moving.


Renault Clio V6

Now I know what you’re thinking, it's a stupid idea, but that's why it's great. The Renault Clio V6 is one of the most insane ideas that the French have come up with and that says a lot coming from a group of people that saw a snail and thought “I want that gelatinous nomad inside me”.

Renault are the kings of hot hatches and their wildest concept was the Clio V6, a slightly extended wheelbase variant of the Clio fitted with the V6 from a Espace people mover. Sounds dreary but snap oversteer and a blown eardrum is about as far from boring as it gets.

With its no compromise styling and road hugging stance, we can only dream of what Renault could do now with modern twin-clutch gearboxes and a turbocharged V6 crammed into the brilliant 2018 Clio Cup chassis.

Alfa Romeo GTV6

For those that are still yet to be convinced on why people love Alfa Romeos, do yourself a favour and jump into an early 80s Alfa GTV6. It has the styling of a piece of cheese and the reliability of pensioner's erection, but has the voice of an angel. Thanks to its transaxle & Busso V6, the GTV6 was a handling masterclass with 50:50 weight distribution. We saw the GTV name return in the early 2000s but it didn't quite have the same feel as the mid-80s V6 variant or the delicacy of the 60s coupes. With Alfa Romeo’s resurgence now in full swing we hope that the GTV6 name makes its return in the form of a 2-Door Giulia QV. 

Mazda RX-9

The Mazda RX-Series of cars bought to the table a wildcard that no other brand could play. Rotary power. Now that the age of downsizing & turbocharging is upon us, could this be the perfect time to re-introduce the japanese sports car powered by a Dorito? We think so, especially if the boffins at Mazda are able to use a bit of McLaren P1 thinking by adopting hybrid power into the system.  


What cars have we missed? What cars do YOU want to see be made again in a modern guise? 

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