The Supra Strikes Back

JDM Nerds Rejoice, This King is Back!


When the GT86 was first announced back in 2011 it heralded a very overdue return of Toyota’s sporting prowess seen so many decades ago. And it was a bloody good seller too. The car became a cult classic overnight along with its Subaru sibling and is now a staple in tuner scene today. But for each year that has passed, the facelifts never delivered what Toyota nerds have been begging for; a turbocharged sportscar much like it's hailing hero; the Supra.

Despite the very apparent lack of power, the GT86’s cult-success caused a stir at the Headquarters of the Japanese marque, as conversations began to swirl and toy with the idea of expanding its sports car range further. But, at the time, it wasn’t financially feasible for the brand to proceed alone.


Enter the Germans, more specifically a mob from the Bavarian Motor Works… BMW. In a watered-down reenactment, BMW & Toyota both wanted a new sports car, but agreed they could only proceed financially by developing a car together under a joint venture. BMW would walk away with its new generation Z-Series sportscar and Toyota would take away a turbocharged straight six two seater….. Much like what they had in the 1990s.

So the joint venture proceeded, and just to test the internet's response, Toyota dropped a  concept car in 2014 that was a modern interpretation of their famous Ferrari-slaying coupe from the 1990s, a concept called the FT-1. Even as just a rendering alone, the idea to reignite the Supra DNA was an instant hit and with that, the FT-1 concept was scheduled for production and the Supra name was due to return to dealers by 2019.

So here we are today, after years of leaked winter-testing photos, dodgy renders, sketches and iPhone spy-videos of Nurburgring testing, Toyota has finally delivered what fans are crying out for... Sort of.

Debuting at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota revealed its second concept car. The Toyota Supra GR. This isn’t quite the road going version we will see in dealers expected in 12 months time. The car you see here is the hardcore GT Racer concept. But what’s important is it gives us a taste of the finalised styling expected for the production based vehicle.


We still don't fully know the running gear for the vehicle, but can expect it is powered by the same donk from BMW’s M2, ticking the boxes for the Supra fans of old. 3.0L, Straight Six, Twin Turbo, Rear wheel drive & Manual gearbox likely.

Its a recipe that made the 1990s Mk.IV coupe such an instant hit, and to this day, a cult classic. The Supra was an immediate icon following being cast in the Fast and the Furious Films, and since the departure of the 2JZ powered sports car, has seen Toyota enter one of its most boring decades of motoring production.

We are excited that Toyota has found its bee under its bonnet again, and cannot wait to see more news on what's expect to be called Toyota Supra A90.