Welcome back to F1 Alfa Romeo

If you haven’t seen the new Giulia yet or tried to squeeze yourself into a 4C, we can say with confidence that the rebirth of Alfa Romeo is very much in full swing! With big plans and new models on the horizon, the head honchos at Fiat Chrysler are no longer half-assing Alfa Romeo and finally giving the enthusiasts what they have begged for.

But with all this work going on with their road-going vehicles, for Alfa Romeo to really step into the spotlight, they need to show the world how to race. Announced late in 2017 the Italian marque has joint forces with Swiss Formula One team Sauber F1, marking their return to the prestigious sport for the first time since departing in 1985.

Over the last few years  Sauber F1 haven’t been the most successful of teams, in fact they were often seen being 'lapped' throughout 2017 season due to deficient power from the ancient 2016 Ferrari engines. The 2018 Season however will see them powered by the most up to date Ferrari power units, as the Alfa Romeo Sauber combo becomes the 'Junior' Ferrari F1 team.

Now while that sounds like a similar setup to Redbull & Toro Rosso, Alfa Romeo won’t be treated like Ferrari’s poor cousin from Turin, for the first time in decades they'll have a proper race budget and the right technology to expect some competitive placements, well beyond the results of Sauber in 2016. This template has provided some amazing victories and established some of the greatest drivers to compete in Formula 1. 

Sauber’s Marcus Ericsson and F1 rookie Charles Leclerc have been confirmed for the 2018 season. Ericsson hasn’t shown a great deal of F1 finesse over the years, but while Leclerc might be the new boy on the scene, he is a bloody talented rookie who quickly rose through the ranks of the other open wheel leagues to become a GP3 and Formula 2 Champion respectively.

We are very excited to see the outcome of this restructure of both Sauber and Alfa Romeo’s well overdue return.