Oznats - Methanol & Tyre Fires


As our loyal followers would know we don’t generally cover this style of event, we prefer to stick to more traditional motorsports, but we all have to let loose once in a while. Generally, most hooning related events are held over a full weekend, this one however was a bit different, just a single day event held at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth, and what a day crammed full of action it was!


The event kicked off as soon as the gates opened. Everytime you blinked, there was something different on the track. Whether it was someone dropping a set on on the pad in a classic muscle car, a team of drifters sliding down the straight in a perfect parabola of powerskids up the main drag (#nodonuts), there was always something happening at Oznats. During the intermissions, even the local Jet Car came on track to put on some fireworks for the fans who came out for the show.


Walking through the pits, there was such a wide variety of all different makes and models (mostly sporting something LS powered). There were turbo Caprices, Supercharged Ford Compacts, ancient Nissan Silvias with V8’s shoehorned in and, most notably, a Nissan Patrol SUV with a supercharged LS V8 replacing the diesel-6.


The burnout pad was predominantly covered by V8 after V8, aiming to annihilate their tyres in fine form. Highlights not from the V8 crowd were Nelg Ali’s Mods-Supercharged 6 and Mitch Larner’s RB25 R32. When the Pros hit the burnout bad, all you could hear was a 7000+ RPM V8 and supercharger whine from hell, followed by a shitstorm of exploding methanol and tyre fires.


All in all, an action packed day and a chance to practice our panning shots from the next round of motorsport up at Barbagallo.