Project: Ernie

I wouldn’t say I am a diehard brand devoted car enthusiast, I like all things classic motoring because I think having a diverse garage of different vehicles means you can appeal to whatever style of driving your chasing that day. My current garage is made up of 80% italian vehicles each from their own respective brands providing a different experience.


However there is one brand that I’d call “hard not to love” and it comes in the form of a boxy piece of agriculture from the beaches of Anglesey; Land Rover.

The reason I say hard not to love is because it’s like owning an old aging Labrador. They piss throughout the house and whilst you’re mad at the mess it's created, you see the old dog and just can’t help but fall for its charm. That is exactly how I feel with my new project. My 1970 Land Rover Series 2A. Project named; Ernie.


This car I purchased out of complete spontaneity, during one of my regularly scheduled “bathroom related reading breaks” as I scrolled the pages of gumtree looking for a wagon to sleep in for the upcoming Racewars. Since selling my old Range Rover I knew one day I would find myself behind the seat of another Landy but didn’t think it’d be something as rural as this.


The car you see here is a barebones Series IIA with mostly stock bits and a few DIY installations over the years under previous ownership. It's been repainted with a paintbrush, rust in the usual spots, the original 2.25L Petrol four pot and a gearbox that leaks more fluid than colander.

But despite it ‘peeing’ all over the driveway, I absolutely adore it. With the roof off and a big bench seat, taking this piece of ploughing equipment for a drive is an occasion. Everywhere you go people seem to love a Land Rover. It starts first turn of the key and still has the British ‘Can Do’ plucky attitude that made the vehicle famous over six decades ago.

Over the coming weeks a new Salisbury rear diff will be going in, I’ll be doing my best to plug any leaks, install new fuel tanks and try to bring the body back to normal. We will be posting videos of the build as we go, watch this space…