Classics & Coffee 2017

A Year in Review

For those of you that haven’t attended, Classics & Coffee is held every month on the gorgeous riverside campus of UWA. Displaying the best classics, exotics, muscle & rarer vehicles that Perth has to offer.

Beginning the year with about fifty cars attendance, the event closed off a successful season with well over five hundred vehicles and triple that in spectators.

The Event is very well organized, with volunteers at the gates ushering enthusiasts into their respective spots. It’s always great to see the Aston Martin’s parked in-between a group of Italian saloons and US Muscle cars. There is a great diversity vehicles and enthusiasts all promoting the same passion for vehicles.

With Coffee Vans a plenty, you can grab yourself a soy latte and peruse the ever-growing collection, of weird, wonderful and wild cars.

Whether your preferences lie with Porsche, Mini, Austin or Citroen, it doesn’t really mate because there is bound to be something to get the blood circulating quickly. It’s great to see enthusiasts mingle, sharing stories and encouraging rebuilds and pushing the classic motoring culture to another level.

Here are some of our favorites from 2017 – Including but certainly not limited to a beautifully restored Alpina, a monstrous replica GT40, the forever cool XJS Shooting-brake, a handful of Mini Coopers, a highly tuned Twin Turbo Lamborghini, an old MG & its pilot and my personal two favorites; the RWB Porsche and the Outlaw Garage 356.

Looking through the album has me excited for the New Year and new vehicles