Introducing Targa Rallysprints

The first event of the season for Targa’s Rallysprint kicked off last month with an all-tarmac closed course event at Perth’s Motorplex. Split over five summer events,

Targa’s Rallysprints act as a shakedown session for the full-fat Targa West and South West events which take place over a few weekends throughout the year. Although they’re part of the Targa family, the Rallysprints have a bit of a twist.

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Where the Targa West & South West events are highly regulated, club and even professional-level motorsport events, the Rallysprints are an open-class fight to the podium, available to anyone with a helmet, a few hundred bucks to burn on entry fees, and a race-worthy car that meets a few mild CAMS criteria - namely a 2S Licence, fire extinguisher and an engine that isn’t gonna spill its guts everywhere.

Once you’ve paid the annual fee for your CAMS2S license, you sign up for a few Thursday nights over summer and you’re ready to race. Simple as that.

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The event itself consists of traditional time-attack sprints from one point to another, a simple formula that is extremely effective in breeding competition and motorsports action.

Ash Cox, our good friend from Speedcraft Media, went along to last month’s season opener to get a flavour of the event. With close to 100 cars entered, the variety in the field was sensational. Stripped out full-time racers did battle with weekend street cars, each entrant offering a different experience for spectators on their timed runs.

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The course is a mixture of long fast straights and technical turns, making full use of the Motorplex’s competition Drag Strip and compound grounds. It’s a fast 3.25km course laid out in the style of a classic WRC Special Stage - vehicles are released one after another, and are timed from point-to-point, start to finish. The action is non-stop from the 6pm kick-off time right through to the final run late into the night.

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As the last of the light fades, the atmosphere of the event really comes alive. Visibility drops, even under the floodlights of the motorplex, but drivers do little to slow down. EVOs attack corners on three wheels, brake rotors glowing red hot with the 2WD entrants tackling hairpins at 10/10ths - effortlessly gliding around with a yank of the handbrake and a dab of oppo for good measure.

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It’s perfectly controlled madness, made even more brilliant by the fact of how accessible the sport is. Not only for competitors but spectators too.

With plenty of barriers and viewing points, you’re never more than a few metres away from the action, and best of all, spectator entry is completely free.

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We’ll let the awesome images by Ash speak for themselves, make sure to check out the full gallery below.

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We’ll see you on Thursday 6th for the next event of the season.