Patrick Stirling - Editor

Managing Editor & 6’3 ironing board with a face; Patrick Stirling started GJ along with university comrade and combover enthusiast Ash Westwood after being rejected in 20 seperate job interviews. Patrick’s photography and writing style reflects the motoring journals of the 60s & 70s along with his taste for music and cars.

Currently hoarding a garage of the most unreliable names in the business, Patrick has developed a particular and unnecessary love affair for Land Rovers. He will stop at nothing to defend their reliability even if it requires pushing a million tonne Range Rover Classic four blocks because “the car is fine, its just user error”. When he isn’t swearing at the gods of mechanics and fuel injection, Patrick is usually professing his hate for supercars and how turbochargers have killed the car.


Ash Westwood - Editor

Worked as a photographer for a bit then bumped into Patrick at university, ranted with him about Alfa Romeo for a few weeks and shortly after that, GJ was born. Ash grew up in Yorkshire before going on holiday to Australia and forgetting to go home. He doesn’t seem to speak a lot of English and dresses like the chavvy teenager he basically is. Has an unhealthy obsession with BMW, has owned lots of modified 90s trash and can’t seem to keep a car (or a day job) for more than three weeks.

Enjoys the adrenaline rush of being late to everything. Known to be a bit of a quick driver/menace behind the wheel - still hasn’t worked out that it isn’t a compliment. Often referred to as ‘that short guy with the hair.’



Andrew Cummins - Writer / Photographer

Andrew is a 30 something amateur photographer that still likes to think and act like he is in his late teens. He has been playing around with cars since about the time he could walk and experimenting with cameras for the last six or so years. Andrew always claims to love everything automotive, but will generally turn his nose up if it's either a) not old, or b) not V8. His choice in daily driver is generally questioned by everyone and he hasn’t had a daily drive in the last 3 years that his wife would happily sit in.

If you try and talk to him about something thats not automotive, it's highly probable he isn't listening. Andrew can be brutally honest, even when its deemed inappropriate. Spending a fair amount of his younger years doing all sorts of racing, he still drives with a nonchalant “she’ll be right” attitude. Which generally, no one trusts.

Annoyingly early to everything.


Alek Hoskins - Writer / Photographer

As the little brother of the GJ family, Alek has a different take on shooting, writing and driving. Born and raised in Sydney, he was a total outcast in his family stumbling across the world of cars in his early teens. Eventually combining these 4-wheeled treasures with his preconceived love and passion of photography he had his heart set on being a full time photographer. As a young car enthusiast Alek’s taste in cars probably doesn’t reflect the majority his age.

When asked what his favourite car you have to be prepared to get more than one answer “ahhhh anything RWB built? Any M3? Anything with a turbo boxer? Anything RWD with an LS motor?” because at the end of the day Alek does love all cars and all genres of motorsport. If you’re looking for Alek and you can’t find him looking for cars online that he shouldn’t even consider buying you will find him with a camera in his hand. By day he shoots for a large online car sales platform. By night you’ll find him freelancing as a photographer shooting anything from cars to food to sport.


Ash Cox - Writer / Photographer

Newest member and long time fan boy; Ash joined the team in 2018 as backup to whenever Ash Westwood was late. Resident Le Mans nerd and all things World Time Attack Challenge, Ash’ passion for cars & photography only grew stronger when purchasing his first car; a Nissan R32 GTR. His one true trump card in any disagreement between GJ members and their power figures, Ash rarely ever uses the GTR in fear of breaking yet another part.

Experienced motor sport and feature photographer with his own photography brand; Speedcraft Media, Ash is usually the insider getting updates on juicy goss & details on upcoming builds around Australia. If he isn’t pulling hand brake skids in his stock 2000 Corolla Seca, Ash is hurdling the R32 up a valley road, ensuring no passenger feels safe.